Monday, April 4, 2016

Quick, easy and free basing material!

Tile samples from Home Depot
After a quick self-imposed deployment to the Havoc wargame convention on Saturday, I was informed by General ze Wife that we shall be deciding samples of flooring on Sunday for the base. While the General's orders did cut into my plan for continuing outfitting my men of the Volunteers-Etrangers for action in the French and Indian War campaigns, it would be a good way to forage for much needed supplies.

The General has been planning to improve the base for some time now with new flooring. The way forward with this project is where we differ. You see, the General believes that your humble transcriber should be able to do this with the help of the eldest Teenage Spies. Perhaps I could, but for someone who can hardly build a proper model, installing new floors in the base seems absurd. Although the concept is intriguing for one reason only...I have yet to find a way to approach the topic of a redistribution of the saved installation funds back into my military spending budget though. The Overseer of Most All Things will not be keen on such a proposal so best to go cautiously down that path.

As with most wargamers I assume, deciding what we need to buy vs what we can build/make/bash is always a concern. So I wanted to share this terrain tip with you all. I'm sure many already know this, but if you are fairly new to the hobby, as am I, it might be of interest. In the tile area of a large box store DIY home repair place, there staring back at me was the most glorious of all signs- FREE SAMPLES. Wow! Yes it was to good to be true. Here in a variety of textures and material from mdf, hardwood and vinyl were ready-made terrain bases. I couldn't believe it. How had I not discovered this bounty before? So as the General requested my opinion for each color and material combination known to man, I would ask to see the sample. I would scratch my head, purse my lips, frown, raise an eyebrow, whatever it took really to keep these tree bases, er tile samples, coming my way. Each new sample bulged the pockets of my hoodie even further. Soon the General realized that I was keeping each of the free samples including the ones we decided were to dark, to light, wrong texture, wrong wood, wrong everything.

The General demanded to know what I thought I was doing? "I need to fully understand the variances of texture and color compared to what we have now," I replied.
At that moment the Supreme Commander of all my Men completely and without reservation glared fire through my untruthful soul. I looked to retreat but was blocked by the overly helpful flooring associate who was inquiring if we would also like to look at ceramic tile samples. I immediately thought of Oliver Twist and wanted to repeat his famous line of "Please Sir, I want some more." forgetting that I had just been silently scolded. I knew the General was done with this exhibit of tile sample gluttony. The only action that would save me from undergoing a court-martial was to point to the free samples sign. Free, as in no expense, this is surely something the General would understand. I made a case for tree bases and rock bases and tried to explain that you can never have enough bases. Besides, they are free. FREE. Free with a capital F. Freeeeeeeeee, like a bird in the sky.

I had once again worn the General down. I was allowed to keep my FREE samples, all 35 of them, haha, yes 1,2,3..35! They will hopefully become bases for my collection of trees and various outcroppings. I think they will work great. They are roughly 3"x3" and 3"x4" and I think I will be able to find many uses for them.

I'll keep you posted on the progress I make using them. Now run out there and grab your samples before I get to the big box DIY place in your town.

Carry on men.

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