Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Coat of Arms

Drums of War - escudo de armas 

So I have settled on this as the official Drums of War coat of arms. Pretty nifty I think. I didn't pay for for it or have it commissioned but I have claimed it as botín de guerra. Is that a skunk you ask? Well no, that is just the fiercest animal on the planet Earth, the absolutely stunning and amazing Honey Badger. These little creatures are some badd-ass dudes. One documentary actually shows a  honey badger being bitten by a Cobra. He passes out and several hours later wakes up and walks off. For fun they capture, kill and eat venomous snakes. So yes, this creature will get top billing on flags my armies carry into battle or fly above their forts. Might not be historically accurate, but I think it's ok to put a little bit of ourselves or something special into our games.

Here's a funny video explaining the majestic creature. Enjoy.

Until next time, carry on men.

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