Monday, April 18, 2016

Latest projects- simple trees; an orchards and a crazy bus

So just a few quick bits I have been working on recently including quick and cheap trees, and apple orchard and a bus for my central america project.
My first set of trees with a 28mm figure for scale.

I recently shared on Miniature Modeling Mayhem some of the trees I have been working on. I am not an expert on terrain, modeling or anything else really, but I thought I would give making some trees a shot. If I had the funds, I would love to just go out and buy some really good looking one. But since I would rather spend my funds on figures and the periods I have chosen to game require trees, lots and lots of trees, I had to learn to make something that was halfway real looking and could be done inexpensively yet still looked good enough for the table.

I started out by searching in the craft shops for suitable dried or fake foliage that looked like trees. That was harder than it sounds until I found a package of something just called Naturals at a Michael's Craft Store. I have no idea what plant these come from, but they work great. I won't write out every little step here, to make it easier you can just watch the video I posted. Hope this helps you.
Here are my trees after I used sanded tile grout to make the trunks and ground.
 Here is the video on how I made them:

Apple Orchard:
I have also been busy making an apple orchard. I want to be able to use this for a variety of periods and scales so it is about halfway between 20mm-28mm.

Latin American buses:
If you are reading this, then you most likely know I am in the middle of creating a fictitious campaign based on a Central American drug cartel and their battle with both government and rebel forces. If you have ever traveled anywhere in Latin America you will know they love colorful buses. Preferably of the old yellow variety painted in crazy colors.
I recently found this gem in a toy shop and wish they had a few more. It might be a bit under scale for my 28mm central america stuff, closer for the 20mm stuff I do, but I think it will do the trick on the table. I can't wait to start painting it.
The Tonka school bus with a 28mm figure for scale.
Here are a few more pics I plan on using for reference and to kick my imagination.

Until next time. Carry on men.

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