Sunday, April 10, 2016

AAR 10Apr16: Raid on Diego Landymore

The weather finally broke after we were threatened with an another April snow storm but it turned out to be a wonderful spring day, still a bit on the cool side. Not cold enough for General ze Wife to want some help clearing the raised garden beds on the base. Knowing full well that I had a bunch of terrain ready for a go, I jumped at the chance to help the General early so I could get to the barn and get a game in today. I was solo today and although not all the terrain pieces are 100% ready, I wanted to use them so I could see where I needed to make adjustments and improvements once they were on the table.

Having most of my Central American 28mm forces completed, minus basing, I decided I would try a solo game using the Danger Close rules. Danger Close is from Empress Miniatures and used to be called Some Corner of a Foreign Field. I really like the way the rules play. They are simple and fast and although I know I made a few mistakes with them today my goal was really to use the terrain and not get a perfect game in. Like I said earlier, I really wanted to set the pieces out and see what I needed to do to make them better/more playable. My figures need a bit more Matte varnish and I realized that a few of the fields I hadn't finished off with a top coat of "dirt".

My scenario involved a fictitious Central American country's commando forces attempting to storm the compound of a drug lord who commands his own paramilitary force.

The Briefing:
The drug lord is the notorious Diego "arbol" Landymore who controls one of world's largest cartels. Arbol is often seen in the company of his trusted associate, a Dutchman only known as PowerG. It is rumored the Dutchman controls the cartel's European routes. Arbol, so named due to his affinity for trees, is rumored to have made acquaintance with a woman known to run an international swingers club. She may or may not be in the compound. Arbol and his associates are to be wanted dead or alive. The compound is located in a fertile area surrounded by small farms and fields of sugarcane. His compound named Dinero Asesinato sits at the north end of a long dirt road running through the vast sugar plantation. Commando troops will attempt to enter the compound from the east and the south. From the south, the government commando force will need to secure the small farm and ensure the occupants do not send any warning to Dinero Asesinato. Securing the farm, they will then travel through the fields to a small lake midway between the farm and the compound. Knowing this action will slow their progress, the second unit of commandos will make the hard trek from east of the compound through the hill country. It is estimated that the team entering from the east will arrive at the compound first. The compound is heavily armed with Arbol's own paramilitary force who patrol the exterior and interior. The compound is guarded at the front with a fortified bunker. There are also two watch towers that guard the rear access road and entry points. The other tower has a look out over the fields and any approach from the lake.

Here is my table and assorted pieces of wood to make some elevation changes. The main table is 6x4 and the smaller one is a standard card table. The compound will be set up on the left in an elevated position overlooking the fields of sugarcane and farmland.

My homemade game mat. I think it turned out pretty well. It is a large 8'x7' piece of heavyweight felt that I have painted.

A unarmed government drone keeps watch on the raid. 

'Arbol' Landymore's heavily armed and fortified compound. This is the watchtower overlooking the fields.

The watchtower overlooking the main entrance to the compound. The commandos struck first and took this joker out.

The drug lord's paramilitary force patrols the compound grounds.

A view of the compound from above.

Looking to the south showing the compound and the fields the commandos will need to cross to make their assault.

Commando Squad Uno led by Lt. Gomez.

Commando Squad Dos led by Lt. Perez.

My much needed cheat sheet.

Sgt. Geraldo Rivera crosses a field.

Commando Unit Uno will need to secure the farm and make their way toward the lake.

The lake sits just on the outskirt of the compound.

Arbol Landymore's boys keep watch for the boss.

The commandos move out.

They will need to move cautiously through the fields in the late afternoon raid. They are taking advantage of having the bright Central American sun in the eyes of their adversaries. 

Commando Unit Dos starts to make their way through the vast fields of sugarcane.

Arbol's guys come under fire from the commandos.

The vast sugarcane and hilly terrain has slowed the progress of Commando Unit Dos.

Commando Unit Dos has reached the outer edge of the compound and are engaged in a fierce firefight.

Commando Unit Uno take cover in the trees near the lake.

Commando Unit Uno's machine gunner was able to take out a couple of Arbol's men, but was soon cut down himself.

The commandos work their way to the edge of the compound.

The drug lord's men are giving the commandos a good fight.

El Loco Capitan takes the fight to the commandos. He is able to kill three in short order.

The drone is sending back images that the government doesn't want to see. Their two units of elite commandos have all been killed by Diego Landymore's private army.

All is quiet at the end of the battle. Diego continues his ruthless rule of the cartel and the drug trade and the commandos never really made it inside the compound to capture or kill the drug lord or his trusted Dutchman.

Here is my first AAR video if you want to see more. Thanks for checking it out.


  1. Big Bad Bob brilliant errr...The Landymore Organisation of South America (LOOSA) deny any allegations they are a Cartel or Organised Crime syndicate My South American Grandfather one Randolf Ricardo Landymore is a pillar of the South American Community and involved in much humanitarian work with many South American governments.. Moreover specious allegations by the CIA in this clearly funded operation where they have claimed LOOSA make SPECTRE look like a Boy Scout troop are also refuted most virelously. Slander against the organisations European lawyer known by my Grandfather as The Diamond Dutchman are without foundation and not short of slander. Amsterdam is also the centrel European office for LOOSA whose humanitarian and distribution work is being tarnished by these wild conspiracist theories, not least of my Grandfathers Germanic origins and humble start from Argentina.

    The alleged compound by the way is nothing More than a farm and a retreat for the poor. It helps drug addicts and such an attack was outrageous and LOOSA now must act to protect itself from these rebels and insurgents.

  2. Bob brilliant

    Let me be clear...LOOSA THE LANDYMORE ORGANISATION OF SOUTH AMERICA deny any and all false allegations but we want more choppers to actively patrol our estates and more volunteers. These estates are for rehabilitating drug users, providing work as we make rubber etc. All other allegations are unfounded.

    1. Keep these ideas coming my friend. I'm always in need of backstory. Looks like in the span of twelve hours the adventures of Diego and PowerG and their swinger lady friends is starting to take shape. Consider some of your plot line stolen, er, borrowed, for my greater good. Also thanks for the encouragement. Our talks have helped improve my models and given me ideas about story and plot during my sessions. It definitely makes throwing the dice more fun.

  3. Haha, that is a funny narrative! Good pictures too, I like the one where the commandos are moving out with the light background. Looks lifelike.

    1. Thanks. The afternoon light coming in through the barn door was both a blessing and curse. It was nice warm light, but my iPhone couldn't handle the brightness like a real camera. It also make the figures shine even more than they do. I'm working on that, just trying to find something to dull them down even more. More story lines to come from Diego and PowerG to be sure.